Lamborghini – Ratón


Imagine how the historic Italian supercar manufacturer Lamborghini can make an hypercar compliant with the technical regulations of the premier class for the Endurance 2020 championship.


The idea I wanted to apply has been extremising the typical relationship between the aeronautical inspiration and the Lamborghini style. The cabin volume It incorporates the air intake for the cooling inpired by the russian jet MIG-23. On this main volume are “hooked” thin and aerodynamic shape like the mudguards and the fin each studied for the best aerodynamic efficiency. the lights are also designed to perform an aerodynamic function.


To reach the maximum aerodynamic efficiency possible, I tried to channel as much air as possible from the nose to the bottom of the car and then take advantage of the huge diffuser and the hot gases coming from the engine cooling. This allows not to add a wing on the rear that would increase the resistance, many details are designed to “clean” airflows in the most turbulent areas.


The interiors are very technical and minimal, characterized by a central pillar on which the steering wheel and the dashboard rest. This element also is usefoull for closing the halo which opens up together with the windscreen like a jet. The infographics on the windshield and on the side pillar of the halo, that they seem to be dematerialized, are also inspired by aeronautics.


Length  4600 cm
Width  203 cm
Height 118 cm
Wheelbase 270 cm
Weight: 1.040 kg

Engine: 5.2L v10  (608 cv) + hybrid plug-in (268 cv)

ALIAS (just volume)