AutoStyle Design Competition 2016

It is a competition for young students who are called to offer special versions of a selected concept and production models. The event is organized and sponsored by Berman, Auto&Design magazine and Wacom.


Students are invited to propose innovative solutions by adding accessories and being able to change:

• bumpers
• front grilles
• die skirts
• spoiler
• wheel arches
• alloy wheels
• modify colours


Students must choose 2 models to redesign (one from each category)

For cat. Urban cars/Cross over
• Mercedes – Benz GLC Coupè
• Citroën – E-Mehari
• Toyota – Auris Touring Sport

For cat. Sport cars
• Aston Martin – DB11
• Maserati – Levanti
• Lexus – LC 500H

Study sketches

Final proposal

Citroën E-Mehari

The idea that I suggested is a small elegant and irreverent car. I designed it with simple clear forms using chrome in particular that on the side panel to the rear lights also delimiting a little hull that cover the rear wheels. I added an hardtop and parametric families shapes in relief who create elegant and different textures suitable for the position in which they are but with the same style.

Maserati Levante

For the Maserati Levante SUV I avoided the classic off-road modifications and I have imagined a track version to bring it closer to the world and the heritage of the brand. I designed a new front bumper, skirts and rear wing to divert the aerodynamic flows adding aesthetic elements to make these elements both functional and aesthetic.

The evaluation committee compose by:
A. Maccolin (A. Romeo);
K. Rossnagel (Audi);
S. Barruffaldi (Auto&Design);
L. Ciferri (Automotive News Europe);
A. Costamagna (Peugeot-Citroën);
R. Giolito (FCA);
F. Manzoni (Ferrari);
C. Massale (Ford);
R. Page (Volvo);
M. Tencone (Maserati)
has decided to award the prize “Creative Award by Auto&Design” to my proposal of the Citroën E-Mehari